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Just Me and My Arashi Rabu Rabu

Im Soooo into Arashi fandoms since 2006.
Sakumoto are my DOUBLE ichiban <3

- Junji-baited in 2005
- Usually uses this journal to comments for some Arashi videos and Scanlation i grabs, actually im not really excited about blogging, i prefer join some forum :p
- Not interest in fanfic. I enjoy pic scan, but not really collect them. I enjoy it when it's shown up on my F-list page, but if it's under cut, i mostly not click the link.. hahaha.
So if i friended u and didnt put any comments on pics or fanfic posts, dont get me wrong, im not a leechers, im just not really get into it:)
- not into yaoi/boylove/shonen ai things
- love newbie! yay!! kochi, kochi, come to rainbow-y Arashi world!! XD
- netiquette please ^_^
- In all, I Only Arashi-baka.. <3<3