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Is it just me...

Or there's a lot of junker invading LJ lately?
why my entries getting spam'd?
darn junker...!! get a life will y'a??!!!!

* Argghh,.. dame! dame!... with mood this bad, better me stop rambling now... :(

I hope..

I hope Nino gonna be QC Man of this year... Oh.. How i hope he will!!!  >.<
I hope Arashi member gonna achieve it five years in a row.. hahaha 
HAPPY BIRTHDAYS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!

Happy Birthdays To Mita ([info]happinessdome ) and Conny ([info]eve_berry )

Wish U...Collapse )


CDJ Poll final result

This is the final result for CDJapan polling "What is your favorite Johnny's group?"

NO1. Arashi ---votes:2486 (29%)
NO2. KAT-TUN ---votes:2215 (26%)
NO3. NEWS ---votes:1309 (15%)
NO4. Hey! Say! JUMP ---votes:776 (9%)
NO5. Kanjani8 ---votes:602 (7%)
NO6. V6 ---votes:293 (3%)
NO7. Kis-My-Ft2 ---votes:199 (2%)
NO8. Tackey and Tsubasa ---votes:102 (1%)
NO9. Kinki Kids ---votes:68 (0%)
NO10. SMAP ---votes:34 (0%)

There's always comments that ruined my mood :(Collapse )

Need more SakumotoCollapse )

cant help to post and celebrate

Arashi's new DVD "5x10 All the BEST! CLIPS 1999-2009" took the top spot on the overall DVD charts. At 428,000 copies sold, it set the record for highest first-week sales of a music DVD, surpassing the 374,000 of KAT-TUN's "Real Face Film" in 2006.


*thrown confetti yayy!!!~~*

Talking 'bout, My Girl~ My Girl!!

Curiousity under the cutCollapse )

Sorry minna, no ljcut for this entry, im too lazy coz im hungry!!!
*be back later w/ my fake cut :p


Arashi Fandom SUGOOOIIII~~~!!!

Just a few hours ago, the gap were about 1000 votes,
and look at now~
this fandom hontouni sugeeee..

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